Monday, November 26, 2012

So Gratefull......

I have some many things to be greatfull for this Thanksgiving! It was a hard holiday without Dad, but I am so thankful for the family that I was surround with. I am so grateful for my awsome husband who is such a rock for me. He loves me even though I am crazy!

This year for Thanksgiving my Mom rented a cabin in Eden, it was amazing! All of us kids were there, and what a blast we had! All 11 grandkids make for a LOUD time. They all get along, and are old enough to go off by themselves so that is nice!
                                                           These 2 are quite the pair!
On Saturday it was off to the football game with the Sorensens to support our AGGIES! We are going Bowling and I am so excited to celebrate another anniversary watching the Aggies! I hope you all had a good as holiday as we did :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Mom came up for a few days and while she was here we painted pumpkins. This was the first time we painted instead of carved and I do think from now on we will be painting. It was so much easier and not a mess!!
This is how excited TJ was to be painting!! I love Kaidence face in this she looking at TJ like he is crazy!

Kaidence thought this was painting was great because we let her do it all by herself! Scary right good thing paint washes off!!

                                               Kennedy and TJ painted this adorable face.

Mom and Kendall made a Fancy Nancy pumpkin. We all had a blast. I know you are wondering if I am really part of the family because there are no pictures of me! Well I am always behing the camera!


Happy Haunting!!

Happy Halloween! I hope that every one had a spooktactular day! We had a blast the girls loved every minute of it. We went to a Haunted House at the High School. I thought this is going to be to much for the little ones. and sure enough Kendall had to be carried the whole way Kaidence wanted out and Kennedy was not scared at ALL! She thought is was kinda silly. Then we went trick or treating and the girls made a haul.
Kendall was Spider Girl.

                                                          Kennedy was a butterfly fairy.

                                                       And little Miss was Miney Mouse.
The girls had a great time and I thought that they looked adorable in their coustumes. I love Haloween and I am sad to see it go bye another year but yeah for more holidays to come!

                                             Happy Hauntings for the Sorensen Family!!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Pictures

I was finally able to talk TJ into getting family pictures taken again!! So my mom cam up and took the pictures for us down by the river. They turned out great! Thanks mom for taking them and thanks Beka for editing them.

                                        Don't you love how Kendall looks like she is in pain?
                               This one is by far my favorite! I thought it turned out really nice.
                                                          Me and my hot hubby!!

There are a ton more but I will not bore you . These are just some of my favorite!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Puppy love...

We got a dog! I know I am crazy and just asking for it but he is a cute little bugger. We named him Bo after Robert Turban and Bobby Wagner, go AGGIES! TJ is in heaven though, finally another male in the house :)
On Monday we celebrated Terrell's 60th. What a great man to have in our lives. We are so blessed to call him dad and papa. For his birthday we went fishing. Eric was the only one that got any fish worth keeping. That is ok though the kids got really dirty and had a good time.

Kaidence and Blake were the most dirty by far. They had a great time throwing rocks in the river! Those two are the best of friends.
We sure had lots of fun. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!!

Skating away!

My mom and I went to the ice skating show in Sun Valley, what a blast. The ice skaters were amazing!! We went shopping, ate yummy food and just hung out with out any kids for the whole day, thanks TJ your amazing. It was great just to spend the day with my mom!

                                                             Don't we look stunning!!
The best mom in the world. This picture is awfull, I know. It was at least 200 degrees outside and we walked and walked all day so hence the no makeup, flat hair look! Besides the point we had a blast, thanks mom your the best!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun

 What a crazy busy summer we have had. Sun Valley then Utah then Boise and on our way to American Falls!!! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Sun Valley was a blast like always. We swam and shopped our little hearts out. Thanks Terrell and Marie for a great time.

Although I am not pictured I really was there!!
Then off to Utah we went. I forgot the camera so just imagine the cute pictures of all the grandkids celebrating Wacko's birthday! Then our Boise trip was next (Mind you this was all in two weeks). We had a blast in Boise. We went to the aquarium. The girls got to touch sting rays and sharks they loved it.

The next day we went to the zoo. The girls loved the butterfly exhibit the most. They got to stand in a room and butterflys flew all around them. They were able to touch them and some even landed on them.
                                                You got to love Kennedy's face in this picture.
                                After the Zoo we rescued TJ from class and went paddle boating.

                       What a good time we had. Now maybe we can find those lazy days of summer!!